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The Cost of a Marine Survey

Captain David E. Ghidoni New clients often ask, "How much money does it cost for a marine survey?" The answer to that question is "it depends". There are many factors that come into play when determining how much a survey will cost. Variables include the type of vessel, the intended use, construction materials, types of equipment on board and the location of the vessel.

Age and condition also play a part. It takes longer to survey a 20 year old boat that is suffering from deferred maintenance than it does to survey a newer boat in well maintained condition.

A larger vessel with specialized systems such as roll stabilizers, water makers, multiple air conditioners, complicated electronic systems and modern propulsion packages will always require more time to determine operating condition. This extra time almost always adds to the cost of a survey.

If the first question from a new client is "how much?", chances are they are just shopping for a cheap survey and will base their hiring of a surveyor on financial concerns. A marine survey is an important document which determines the condition of a vessel, gives recommendations and establishes a monetary value. It should be produced by the best and most qualified surveyor you can find which in most cases is not the least expensive person for the job. We recommend asking questions of your surveyor, get references, research qualifications and base your decision on those things as opposed to cost alone. If you ever face a loss which ends up in court you will be extremely glad you chose the best person for the job.

Remember, marine surveying is a business, not a hobby. Qualifications, experience and membership in accrediting organizations all cost money and take time to develop. In most cases, the cheapest surveyor will turn out to be the most expensive choice.

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